Teaching without lectures

Last week, I was invited to give a talk at Copenhagen Business School. The Department of Management, Society and Communication organizes a seminar on Blended Learning, where I presented some ideas on teaching without lectures and moving towards a more tutorial mode of higher education teaching, based on two of the courses that I’m involved in.


I took up Hal Varian’s proposition that in the future technology will give many people access to what rich people have access to today, and suggested that the quintessentially ‘rich people’ teaching experience is what gets practiced at Cambridge and Oxford and that we should take that as inspiration for what to use teaching technologies for, in addition to ‘just’ offering greater access to education through MOOCs, etc. The way to implement that, in my relatively limited experience thus far, is through what I call the ‘long class’, which is not a terribly original idea, but something that is definitely rarer than it should be (in my geography, at least). The talk then lays out that concept and the opportunities it affords. The audience was really gracious and the discussion was very positive, I think.


The talk was recorded, so you can watch it here:


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