These are the main teaching activites that I am currently involved in at the University of Southern Denmark.


From Innovation to Operations

I teach the first half of a course for the M.Sc. in engineering operations management, discussing the challenge that innovation poses to established firms. We cover issues like the role of innovation in the (capitalist) economy, different forms of technology, organizing for innovation and the sources of innovation. The second half is taught by colleagues, bridging to questions related to scaling up from prototypes to mass production, innovation-supporting manufacturing technologies and sustainability.

This document contains the (mostly open access) texts that we read, a study guide and questions for each text.


Natural science Innovation Project

This spring, I am teaching the innovation project course for the full cohort of natural science bachelor students at our university (biologists, chemists, physicists, mathematicians, computer scientists) and some of the healthcare bachelors as well. The course is all about how innovative ideas can be turned into entrepreneurial ventures and strategies. We talk about different forms of strategies and the component parts that make them ‘tick’, so it pulls together ideas from technology management, marketing, organization theory and economics under the umbrella of ‘entrepreneurial strategy’. We use the freely available book by that name from Scott Stern and Joshua Gans.

You can see the course plan here (in Danish).