Public media

On occasion, my work reaches public media in various forms, sometimes as ‘takes’, sometimes as substantive interviews, sometimes as something else. Here are links to those occasions.


Stuff I am actually involved in

Our paper on Slow Management was featured in a piece on

I was interviewed by YouTuber Coffeezilla about Fake Entrepreneurs.

My department has a podcast called Hallway Conversations, and I was interviewed about “The rise of the Veblenian Entrepreneur”.

My co-author André Spicer presented some of our work and it went on Vimeo.

The Wall Street Journal interviewed me for a piece describing Six Theories of Why Fast-Growing Startups Seem to Be Disappearing.

Our paper on Veblenian Entrepreneurship was featured in Y Combinator’s HackerNews.


Takes, treatments and riffs

American Affairs ran a piece on “The Crisis of Venture Capital”.

An essay on Medium asks “Is peak capitalism the conspicuous consumption of capitalism itself?”

A Medium essay on the relationship between mental illness and Veblenian Entrepreneurship.

Conversable Economist wrote about the faltering US start-up industry.

Reflections on pretending to be an entrepreneur.

On the podcast Smith Sense, there was a discussion of Performative Entrepreneurship.

Sometimes, entrepreneurship is just elaborate cosplay.