Slow Management

A paper co-authored with Dan Kärreman and André Spicer and (fittingly) slow in the making has just been published: Slow Management. Here's the abstract: Management is a practice that runs on ideas. Unfortunately, ideas that organizations must constantly change are prevalent. This can easily lead to junky ‘Fast Management’: management that is change-obsessed, attention-starved and … Continue reading Slow Management

Six theories of why fast-growing start-ups are disappearing

I was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal for a piece about the (maybe) declining quality of entrepreneurship in the US, based on a recent working paper. It's a good piece with a nicely nuanced take: it highlights an interesting fact to be explained and understood, raises some (methodological) issues with the state of that … Continue reading Six theories of why fast-growing start-ups are disappearing

How to Read

Today, I interviewed Dan Kärreman of Copenhagen Business School about academic reading. We talked about why reading academic papers is difficult (by design, almost), the different genres of academic papers and how papers are actually meant to be read. In these times, where the interactive parts of university education are locked-down and studying is homework … Continue reading How to Read

An in-process textbook and a sample chapter

I have begun uploading work-in-progress chapters for an innovation management textbook that I am working on. The idea of the textbook is to provide an introduction to foundational ideas in innovation management (it is described here in more detail) and you can see the evolving manuscript here.   The book is going be composed of … Continue reading An in-process textbook and a sample chapter