Hello world

This blog will be dealing with issues related to technology and organizations and how they relate to each other, typically by me writing about other people’s research. Irregularly, I might write about my own research too. It will all mostly be in the ‘intellectual space’ of economics, sociology and organization studies – consider yourself warned.

I want to use this post to discuss new and classic ideas and how they relate to each other. Expect things like book reviews and discussions of papers. This will tend to be things that I use or expect to use in my own research or teaching, so reading the blog will give a sense of what I’m interested in or how I try to make sense of ideas that I’m grappling with.

The blog is called The Gale. Wonkish readers will recognize the reference to Schumpeter’s phrase ‘the perennial gale of creative destruction’. Karl Marx recognized that technical change brings with it the destruction of capital, but Schumpeter was one of the first to recognize that innovation (in a broad sense) drove the economy and that creative destruction – the constant evolution of the economy through development of new ideas and the associated destruction of the old – was the essential fact of capitalism. Creative destruction and the proposition that we are living in times of dramatic change are going to be recurring themes in the posts.

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